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Wine Cellar By Anna FendiWine And Archeology

"Rome has always been my inspiration, my muse, my all. It is very difficult to do something new in a city that has it all. I found a magical place in the heart of Testaccio on the Monte de’ Cocci which is a hill made of numerous layers of terracotta amphorae neatly arranged there in Roman times, from the nearby river port on the Tiber, therefor it is considered to be a unique archaeological site and the perfect place to ensure the ideal temperature to stock and preserve wines. Being deeply passionate about interior design, i personally wanted to be involved in the renovation of this site, i used recycled materials and patchworks of old graniglia tiles from ancient furnaces putting them together like an archaeological work. Any architect or designer would have loved being able to create something as beautiful and unique as this. Every wall looks like a texture, a triumph of lines, shadows and geometry. My wine selection has finally found its place and I am always very happy to enjoy a good bottle of wine with friends and with whoever wants to enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere."

Anna Fendi Venturini

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