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“I have firmly wanted to transmit to these renovations all my experience of a lifetime: a life spent in the search for equilibrium and beauty. These projects are thought for people, who just as myself, often when abroad, perceive the insistent and irrepressible nostalgia of intimacy of one’s own home; longing for a place in which to live in perfect harmony”. 

Anna Fendi Venturini


A fascinating historical residence designed by Armando Brasini in 1911. The Villa was acquired by the Fendi Venturini family and was completely renovated bringing it back to its original splendor

La Cappella

La Canonica Dei Fiori

Initially born as a brotherhood of Friars, today, after a careful and rigorous restoration, it turns into a small Boutique Hotel with attention to the smallest details by Anna Fendi


In a Bourbon building, a property of Anna Fendi Venturini’s family, which has been completely renovated with great respect of its Pontine tradition, by utilising antique Neapolitan tiles and authentic furniture of the house.

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